Listen, Offer Support, Educate, Break the Silence.

The wholehearted commitment of our volunteers to our mission enables us to fulfill it effectively. Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to contribute your talent to a worthwhile cause build important skills and directly help to empower the vulnerable and neglected segments of society in a significant way.

Awaaz needs Volunteers in the following areas:

Volunteer Professional Services:
Survivors of domestic violence need professional services like Medical, Legal, Financial, and Career counseling to aid in their journey toward rehabilitation and empowerment.   You can make a difference by offering pro bono services or charging a small fee.

Community Ambassador and Outreach:
If you are interested in our mission, you can help spread the word about Awaaz and its mission within the South Asian community as well as other family violence organizations, Businesses, Colleges, and Universities, in Bexar County and other parts of South Texas.

Organize events:
If you have special organizational skills, are good at motivating people, and can commit to contained bursts of activity – you can help us in our upcoming events, seminars, and webinars.

You can work with our Board members to help with fundraising. You can also create your methodology to reach organizations, corporations, and philanthropic organizations to support our mission and request funds – one time or on a recurring basis. Alternatively, you can also help our committee with donations and fundraising at our events.

Social Media:
If you are interested in social media, you can help spread awareness of Awaaz through Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you are a technology professional interested in Data and Data analysis, you can help create and manage confidential databases and statistical reports.

Grant Proposals:
If you are good at writing and research, you can help our Grant Director research for Grants and/or write Grant proposals.

There are myriad ways of volunteering with us. If you are committed and have the passion and energy to fulfill our mission, please complete the volunteer application form.